Eye Care of Muskogee can provide you with your pre-op and post-op exams for your LASIK or custom LASIK procedures.

For your convienence we’ve included some information from Triad Eye Laser Center.

“LASIK surgery is actually pretty simple, but incredibly precise.

To understand LASIK, it will help to understand your eyes and the reason your eyes need corrective lenses to see well. To learn more about these conditions, Click Here

LASIK directly addresses the focus problem by using an incredibly precise laser to actually reshape your eye’s cornea.

The laser can remove tissue from the center of the cornea, in effect making the lens less curved thus correcting Myopia.

Or the laser can remove tissue from the perimeter of the cornea, in effect making the lens more curved, correcting Hyperopia.

And the laser can remove more tissue in one direction than another to make the curve of the lens symetrical and consistent, correcting Astigmatism.

With the cornea correctly shaped, the muscles in your eye can now accurately focus the lens and you can see again. The eye is now free to work as it was originally designed, without glasses or contacts.”

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